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Argh Not The Pony
Side to side
Well I was very misguided in my last blog post, because last week was an utterly shite one :-) I went to see Alma with Abi, we drank on the train on the way up and in a Tesco car park once we got there, and then more at the venue, and Alma was bloody amazing and kickass as fuck and I hate that word, but then we were both a bit too drunk and I cried and she puked lmao, but the actual gig was good!! Went to see my grandad for his birthday which was nice, and had a curry with mum, and then on Friday we leafleted some schools and it was quite nice. On Saturday, I saw my grandparents in the morning and then in the afternoon went to Abi's to eat pasta and get ready to go out, which we did to this rooftop bar in Brixton which was fun but kind of gentrified. It was good but not great until like 11 and after we dropped it was soooo much better, really good night! We all went back to Abi's then on the Sunday morning we went for breakfast, then to Starbucks in Teddington, which was sweet... (more)

Lessons I Learned From My Students
Every teacher knows that they are, many times, the ones who learn from their students. I am no different. Yes, I educate students about course content, and I do it quite well. I have taught public school for about a decade and a half. I have had the privilege of teaching students of all ages throughout my teaching career. I must say that I have always enjoyed teaching — every level has its special qualities. However, I have become the learner many days in my classroom. Simply by observing my students and the way I interact with them, I ended up learning many lessons. The following are my top three. I feel that they are lessons that all parents should take note of. 1. Listen. 2. Accept them for who they are. 3. Be there.

Trevors Area
Does Size Matter?
(Graphic Design Notes)

Last time I went over the qualities which make a great logo design. This time around, I want to discuss an actual example that involved a current task which had just recently completed. A fashion show hired us to do their branding, marketing products, step and repeat banners, and developing and updating a social media presence for their approaching event. One of the specifications to this event was that sponsors were permitted to have their logos showed on the printed materials, including post cards and banners. A lot of these logos looked fantastic on the banners, however they ended up being unclear when they were sized down to fit onto the smaller postcard. Too many colors turned out blurred and text turned illegible, excessively detailed shapes were misshaped into something indistinguishable. When creating an excellent logo design for your company, you will need to develop one that will appear clear and presentable at any size. Take your time to intentionally consider the... (more)

Top 5 seat cover
Top 5
selling seat cover 2017

Top 5 selling seat cover and where I can order seat cover Are you tired of the constant abuse of your car seat from kids, friends, and pets? The most misuse of car seats often comes from people who are closer than we can avoid. The best way to deal with car seat abuse is to get a prevention which is mostly provided by auto seat cover sold in stores around us. This article discusses 5 top selling seat covers you will find most useful and appropriate to solve your car seat abuse. 1.       FH-PU002-1102 Classic Exquisite Leather Covers This is one of the top selling seat covers for your vehicle. It brings class and luxury and gives your car interior the elegance to feel great in your vehicle. The car seat cover solves the problem of having to watch over your more expensive car seat material. If you are a happy parent with your children jumping into your vehicle with pets and foods, don’t worry as this car seat cover is a prove that... (more)

When We Speak TV
Jazz In The Alley -
Julie Dexter

JUNE 24, 2017- JULIE DEXTER- JAZZ IN THE ALLEY If you have been a follower of When We Speak TV for a some time, then you know exactly who Julie Dexter is. Julie Dexter is not only a wonderful person and vocalist, she was also the first concert I went to when I moved to Atlanta. Since the first moment I watched her performance, I knew I really enjoyed this lady. Then, a few years back, I got the opportunity to have Julie on When We Speak (my talk show) which was supa dupa nice because Julie was so warm and full of knowledge that I didn't want to stop speaking with her. Since then, I've followed Julie along her career and whenever I can, I try to attend her shows as often as possible. However, the reason for this post is to inform you of her show coming up in Norcross, Georgia, at Jazz In The Alley. I can't wait!!!! Not only is When We Speak TV an official partner of Jazz In The Alley but how cool is it that June 24th is my birthday and Julie Dexter, a When We Speak guest will be... (more)

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